Aerosoft's - F-16 Fighting Falcon

Aerosoft's - F-16 Fighting Falcon 1.21

A digital simulation of controlling the F-16 jet
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Assume the role of a pilot in an authentically recreated cockpit of the F-16 Fighting Falcon fighting jet. Control the machinery and maintain the flight, engage in simulated combat to learn the basics of flying the machine. Check the statistics to assess your skills.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a multirole jet fighter build by General Dynamics for the US Air Force. The lightweight fighter became the ubiquities fighter as it was exported to 25 nations and a record breaking production of over 4,400 aircraft. Updated every decade it remains the basic fighter for nations worldwide. Apart from being a very serious fighter it remains about the most enjoyable aircraft to fly with the superb maneuverability and power that allows vertical climbs. Visibility is unparalleled in the frameless bubble canopy.

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